Product / Engineering

Week 1

  • Watch James Agnew's Intro to FHIR. Knowing some basic domain ideas about healthcare data is important for anyone who joins and you should spend time learning about FHIR and HL7 standards.
  • Sign up for FHIR Chat - it's the best place to ask questions in this domain to developers.
  • All of our product work happens at github.com/flexpa/flexpa - you should clone the project
  • No matter what the Flexpa SDK product is in, you must test it. Follow the basic setup instructions available.
  • Post your "yesterday, today, blockers" in #standup on Slack - everyone uses this channel :)
  • Be assigned your first issue on GitHub - most of the "tasks" from here on will take place outside of this onboarding guide.
  • Join the product end of week on Fridays (check out the notes/agenda before hand via the calendar invite)
"Putting the shopping cart back"
  • Can you find any mistakes or errors in this onboarding guide or other content on handbook.flexpa.com? Did you complete an onboarding task on the first day or in the first week that wasn't mentioned here? Add it!

Month 1

  • 1:1s should now be happening regularly on Thursday afternoons.
  • Participate in product end of week planning, Github review process, and shipping :)
  • Establish a public goal on the 📠 Product board
  • Develop 30/60/90 perspective goals based on your role
For devs, you should try to use your first month to bridge skills gaps you may have. Depending on your skill level, this may take longer than a month or not even be necessary at all. You be the judge!
  • At the next monthly company update, you will submit in advance a summary of your month one, and have an opportunity to show off any contributions you've started
⛰️High priority
😎 Medium priority
🏖️ Low priority
  • Jest
  • Tailwind