Onboarding Guide


We are so excited you’re here and look forward to working together successfully.
This is an onboarding checklist for you to follow (and for the people you're working with to prepare for).

Getting started

  • You will receive a letter of employment and legal agreement for your work with us via e-mail, signing the offer is your first task.
  • We will provide you with a work laptop in advance, please make sure to give us your current address
  • You will receive an onboarding invitation from Gusto or Humi (depending on your location) to complete Payroll & HR onboarding. Make sure to set up Direct Deposit during this initial onboarding step.
  • You will receive an e-mail with access to [email protected] This will happen the morning of your first day.
  • Setup the email account + 2FA

Day 1

  • Using your new email account (if you can't access it, ask Josh), use the self-sign link to join Slack
    • Post your intro in #hallway. Tell us your preferred name, where you're joining from, and 3 interesting facts about yourself. Do this before setting up the rest of your accounts - we're excited to meet you!
  • Create or sign into your account at GitHub. Then complete a few basic related tasks:
  • Review the team software we use, sign up for 1Password and other team tools mentioned. If you don't have a GitHub account you will need to create one. It is strongly recommended that you use Homebrew.
  • Add the Flexpa calendar to your Google Calendar and make sure you've been added to relevant week 1 meetings and recurring Flexpa events. All team meetings and important dates are added to this calendar. We also use this calendar to see when folks are scheduled to be out-of-office.
People Ops
  • Meet the team on Around. We'll schedule a team meeting on your first day to meet the rest of your team. Expect to see the invite in your email inbox :)
  • Schedule your daily standup with your hiring manager. These only apply during your first week.
  • Finalize your HR/Payroll onboarding and set up direct deposit. We use Gusto (USA) or Humi (Canada).
  • Review the Processes we have (for things like operational procedures).
  • Review the Product board and ongoing projects on Github - bookmark this page. See what people are working on here. You can also check out the #standup channel on Slack for a sense of what people have been working on.
  • Install the Vanta agent on your company issued laptop. You will receive onboarding instructions to our security platform partner Vanta. This is built on OS Query and is used as a device manager - it checks security-related settings automatically (like disk encryption). It does not monitor anything sensitive like passwords, messages, or browser history.

Week 1

  • Complete the Vanta onboarding tasks like accepting our company policies and completing cybersecurity and HIPAA online training. Completing these by the end of your first week should be considered high-priority.
  • Meet with one of our engineers (or your internship hiring manager) to review our developer best practices. (including Flexpa Github issue writing!)
  • Schedule a weekly 1:1 with your hiring manager. All 1:1s at Flexpa happen on Thursdays and should be considered protected time for you and your manager to connect.

Month 1

  • Complete a guide for your first day, week, and month based on role below, or a similar template from your hiring manager
  • Draft a 30/60/90 day plan with your manager (you may or may not need to complete this depending on your scope of work)