Meet the Co-Founders


CEO, Andrew Arruda
Led policy development of one of the world's largest COVID machine learning government response initiatives at the University of Toronto’s Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society. Serial entrepreneur. Co-founder/CEO ROSS Intelligence (YC S15), Forbes 30 under 30, and TED speaker. CTO, Joshua Kelly
8-year open source health data dev on projects like FHIR and the “quantified self” movement. Previously CTO at Universe, acquired by Live Nation/Ticketmaster in 2015. Led product and tech to grow the company > $100M GTV. Founder/CEO Affiga (YC W20), acquired by OpenUnit (YC W20).
COO, Thomas Hamilton
Led and scaled operations, customer success, sales, marketing and subject matter expert teams as VP, Strategy & Operations and employee #1 at ROSS Intelligence (YC S15). Previously regulatory and commercial lawyer at Dentons, the world’s largest law firm. Passionate about health data regulatory reform and value based care.
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